The IMSA Series is back for its fifth season!


Race Day: Thursday
Practice (85 min): 5:35 PM UTC
GT3 Qualifying (14 min): 7 PM UTC
GTP Qualifying (14 min): 7:16 PM UTC
Warmup (5 min): 7:30 PM UTC
Race (60 min): 7:35 PM UTC

Sixty minute long races

Limited fuel, aimed at 2 pitstops

Multiclass GT3 & GTP

All current GT3 and GTP cars are allowed

Pro and AM categories

Race against people of your own skill level, prize pool for both!

Eight Race Season

Battle it out with the other drivers through 8 adrenaline filled races around the globe.

High Production Quality

Every race is streamed through our YouTube channel, where our team of commentators provide live commentary on the race for you and your friends to follow!

Low Entry Fees

While most series have increasingly high entry fees, we try to keep it as low as we can with an entry fee of only €8. Most of the entry fee goes directly towards the prize pools!

Race Control and Live Stewarding

Not only do we provide post-race protests and appeals, but we also provide live stewarding throughout the event. This means cautions and/or penalties can be given and thrown throughout the race.


Fuji Speedway

14th of March

Watkins Glen

4th of April


25th of April

Break Week 2/2

Happy Nurb 24hrs everyone!

Break Week

Enjoy the 12hrs of Sebring

Break Week

Happy Road America 500 everyone!


2nd of May


23rd of May


28th of March

Long Beach

18th of April

Break Week 1/2

Last stretch, almost there!


30th of May

What are you waiting for?

Prize pools for each class (AM/PRO separated!), amazing door-to-door racing with people of your own skill level, managing traffic and fuel strategies and more. Join us now!

The IMSA Series’ diverse classes guarantee exciting battles for all skill levels in sim-racing. An absolute must for virtual racing enthusiasts!

Niels Uhlemann, Schenkstroop Racing Driver

The intense competition and the adrenaline-fueled battles have improved my abilities in the GT3 class!

Leon van Elewout, Anti Stall Racing driver

Prize Pool*


  • First place: €30
  • Second place: €20
  • Third place: €15
  • Fourth place: €12,50
  • Fifth place: €10
  • Sixth place: €8
* Based on full 60 entries in series

GT3 and GTP AM

  • First place: €20
  • Second place: €15
  • Third place: €12,50
  • Fourth place: €10
  • Fifth place: €8